Europe and the church’s role in fostering unity

Fostering unity in Europe is something “the Church must never cease working at or doing something for,” Cardinal Reinhard Marx says.

“The Church has always viewed the unity of Europe positively, even today.

“Nationalism is one of the biggest causes of war,” adds Marx, who is the President of the German Bishops’ Conference.

During a recent visit to Poland to commemorate the 38th anniversary of the Solidarity movement which played an important role in establishing a democratic Polish state, Marx said he thinks European “interconnectedness necessitates that we stand up for each other so that something positive can be the outcome.”

With Brexit on the horizon, progress towards a “social Europe” should be made, Marx suggested.

The challenges and tensions Europe faces due to migration mean it is essential the European Union’s (EU) member states “develop common guidelines for a refugee and migration policy,” Marx said.

“We are interconnected with each other through various forms of solidarity.

“Through the European Union, for example, through treaties, through parliament, through guiding principles.

“We can’t do this without each other.

“Europe does not run by itself. I believe that the Church must never cease working or doing something for the unity of Europe.

“As a church, we should stand up for a society of responsible freedom. That is why democracy is the mode of governance to be sought.”




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