Archbishop takes to song to raise awareness of climate change

climate change

The Catholic Church of Fiji has launched a climate change song penned by Archbishop Peter Loy Chong.

The song inspiration is taken from Pope Francis’ letter ‘Laudato Si’, Care for Our Common Home.’

The lyrics for the three verse song were written by Chong, the arrangement by the music director of the Catholic Church in Fiji, Damiano Logaivau.

“The voice of the Island Nation in its purity has not yet reached the world and to disturb the world and to interrupt the world, to tell them what the actual experience of Island nations are going through.”

Longaivau says many issues in our societies can be solved by using different forms of entertainment and music.

Speaking at the launch in the crypt of the cathedral in Suva, Logaivau said the song was written by the Chong.

“All we did was put instrumentation and the structure of the melody and the harmonisation to internalise and intensify the language of the cry.”

Chong says in the month of September “all our services are going to be focused on the season of creation.”

“Schools are going to be talking about it, village people are going to be talking about it and so the more we generate discussion and knowledge, we can bring it out to the world.”

The final version of the song will be recorded and uploaded on YouTube and posted on all social media platforms.

In the meantime, you can listen to a live performance of the song at PRS during the major religious superiors conference.

On his Facebook page, the Archbishop commented the final recording and fine touches were yet to be completed.


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