The hypocracy of Jacinda Ardern

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I commend Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern for condemning chemical warfare.

Recently she stated, “New Zealand condemns any use of chemical weapons, whether it is in Syria or on the streets of the UK.

“New Zealand believes all states must adhere to obligations under international law, including in respect of chemical weapons.”

It is however inconsistent for the Prime Minister to denounce this crime against humanity while at the same time giving approval for chemical warfare in New Zealand in the form of a war against our own children.

Last year the Abortion Supervisory Committee reported to Parliament that 1,970, pre-born children were killed in their mother’s womb with the lethal chemical Mifegyne RU486.

This chemical was approved for the killing of children by then Minister of Health Annette King, in August 2001.

In her media release on 30 August 2001, the Minister stated that, “Mifegyne RU486 meets the international standards of safety and effectiveness required for medicines”.

Mifegyne RU 486, is not a medicine and pregnancy is not a disease.

The lethal drug is not safe for the unborn child, nor is it safe for women.

It is however, as the Minister claims, highly effective in killing the unborn.

Since the introduction of this new chemical warfare against the unborn there have been nearly 18,000 unborn killed in New Zealand by this drug.

This chemical war is also violence against women who are the second victims of this war.

I call this a crime against humanity.

Mifegyne acts by depriving the endometrium of a hormone which the human embryo requires to flourish, the embryo then dies of starvation.

This highly effective chemical warfare is approved and funded as a core health service by the government and is used in a number of Public Hospitals.

The Family Planning Association is an ardent supporter of chemical warfare with Mifegyne.

The Association supports the decriminalisation of abortion, removing abortion from the Crimes Act and making it no longer a crime to kill an unborn child.

The Association supports abortion being a reproductive choice for women for any reason with this lethal poison being available at all of its other 29 clinics.

Chemical warfare has been raging against our own children in the womb for more than fifty years.

It is hypocritical for our government to condemn crimes against humanity in other countries while actively waging a government funded war against our own children.

There will be no peace in New Zealand until this devastating war against our nation’s children in the womb is stopped.

  • Ken Orr is spokesperson for Right to Life NZ
  • Image: ODT
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