Bishops say stay Catholic to keep Poland independent

Polish bishops are telling Catholics to stay Catholic.

The bishops advice – delivered in a recent pastoral letter – was made both to mark Poland’s centenary of independence and to warn the nation’s Catholics that freedom could be lost again if Poles abandon their Catholic faith.

They explained independence is not just about “armed struggle, and political and diplomatic efforts” but also involves “resolute faith and prayer.”

The bishops also noted love of homeland is a divine command and is expressed through “daily civic honesty, readiness to serve, and dedication to the common good.

“Our homeland’s painful history should sensitize us to threats to the nation’s spiritual freedom and sovereignty,” the bishops’ letter says.

These threats include the way Poland is being “morally and spiritually weakened” by what the bishops describe as: “a spreading captivity, especially among young Poles, from alcohol, drugs, pornography, internet threats, gambling, etc.

“Celebrating this anniversary impels us to reflect on Poland’s current state and the dangers to its sovereign existence. The gravest of these arise from abandoning the Catholic faith and the Christian principles governing our national life and state’s functioning. This has already led in the past to our republic’s collapse.

“Among our national shortcomings, we increasingly witness the voice of private interests, individual and group egoism, lack of regard for the common good, and slander and abuse of the Catholic faith and Polish national traditions,” the bishops said.



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