Cardinal Parolin discusses skeleton found in the Vatican

Despite widespread speculation in the Italian media, the Vatican has not assumed the skeleton found in the Vatican Nunciature is Emanuela Orlandi, Cardinal Pietro Parolin has told reporters.

Orlandi was 15-year-old Vatican citizen who disappeared 35 years ago.

“I do not know who connected this case with Orlandi,” he added.

Parolin told journalists the facts about the find to date.

These are  that two weeks ago the Vatican contacted the Italian authorities as soon as the human remains were found.

He explained this was to ensure the Vatican (which has its own police force) was seen to be transparent and to prevent any accusation that the Holy See wanted to hide something.

“Things are being done with greater openness and transparency. Human remains were found, there’s the desire to get to the bottom of what was done, whose [bones] they are. And so help was asked of Italy,” he told them.

In comments to a news source, the Orlandi family lawyer, Laura Sgro, said finding the skeleton does not change anything for the family.

“We don’t know if Emanuela is dead and, if she is dead, we don’t know when,” she said.

The Italian news site ANSA says after an initial examination of the pelvis, the remains are believed to belong to a woman. However, the sex of the human remains will not be confirmed until the DNA testing is complete. This could take some seven to 10 days.


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