Harvard sex week: Catholic spin explained

Harvard University’s Catholic Student Association (CSA) held Catholic Sex Week the week after Harvard Sex Week.

The aim was to offer insight into why the Church teaches the way it does when it comes to human sexuality.

This is the first time the CSA has held the event.

“After Harvard Sex Week, we kind of did a few events of our own just to get people talking, to present the Catholic view of sexuality,” says Jack Clark, vice president of intellectual development for the Catholic Student Association.

Speakers included Janet Smith who spoke about “Why sex is complicated.”

She provided an overview of the Catholic teaching on sexuality and how it differs from a do-what-you-want attitude.

“Dr. Smith’s talk was really emphasising the role of sex and how it can’t be separated from real emotional intimacy, from procreation, from the family, and obviously, from a Catholic perspective, we look at men and women as complementary,” Clark says.

Fr Patrick Fiorillo, Harvard’s undergraduate chaplain, discussed Humanae Vitae, while married couple Steve and Helene Bowler spoke about their struggle and eventual success in living out the Church’s teaching on contraception.

Lectures drew between 30 and 60 people. “I don’t think there is a plan to set this up as an annual thing, but we certainly want to build on the moment that we created,” Clark says.

“I think people are talking about Catholic views on sexuality more than they have been… I am excited to see where that energy goes, whether it is reading groups or discussions or more talks.”

Harvard Sex Week’s website says it offers an annual week of events ranging from interactive workshops to lectures, to facilitated discussions, all focusing on issues of sex, sexual health, sexuality, gender, identity, relationships, intimacy and more.

Sex Week intends both to educate and advocate, providing a platform for self-exploration and community dialogue.


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