Talk to your guardian angel each day, Pope tells kids with cancer

God has given everyone a guardian angel so that “he may help us in life,” Francis told a group of young oncology patients from Poland when he met with them at the Vatican on Friday.

“Become accustomed to talking to your angel so that he may take care of you, give you encouragement and always lead you to victory in life,” he said.

“Victory is different for each person; everyone prevails in his or her way, but prevailing is always the ideal, it is the horizon for moving forward. Do not get discouraged,” he told them.

“Your journey in life is a bit difficult, dear children, because you have to get treated and overcome the disease or live with the disease. This is not easy,” he said.

Francis reminded his young visitors that they have many friends who help them a lot such as their family who help them move forward.

“There is no difficulty in life that cannot be won,” he stressed, adding that winning is different for each person according to one’s own way. But the important thing is winning, the horizon that makes one move forward. “Don’t be discouraged,” he urged.

Francis also thanked the children’s caregivers for looking after them.


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