Volunteers from Auckland helping refugees in Thailand


LOGOS, the Marist Youth Development agency in Auckland, on November 20 farewelled Tayla Fa’aofo prior to her departure to work at the Marist Asia Foundation in Ranong, Thailand.

Tayla will be helping people from Myanmar who have come to Thailand either as refugees escaping conflict and living in refugee camps or as migrants seeking work.

The farewell was a shared meal with Tayla and her family. Tayla is in the centre of the above photo with a gold logo on her top.

Having not long completed her bachelor of education to become a primary school teacher, Tayla will work at the Marist Asia Foundation for three months.

She will join another member of the Logos community, Laura McLellan, who is on an eight-month assignment in Ranong.

Both Tayla and Laura are former students of Marist College.

Tayla was the college’s Head Girl in 2014.

Since leaving high school, Tayla has volunteered her service and gifts as a Connector in the Logos community, being a part of school retreats, community events and other programmes.

The Marist Asia Foundation began in 2006, responding to the education, health and migrant worker needs of the Burmese community.

Latest estimates suggest Ranong has up to 120,000 Burmese migrants, most of whom work in the fishing industry. Often they find the conditions in Ranong difficult.

The Marist Asia Foundation welcomes volunteers who may come for 6, 12 or 24 months and visitors who stay for a short time to help in many ways.

Because of the immigration and legal documentation required to be a volunteer in Thailand, preference now is given to volunteers who can come for a period of at least 6 months.

Each year, Marist Mission Ranong requires 2-3 volunteers who can help in English and Social Studies classes.

Qualified Teachers are also able to help with teacher mentoring and training.

For more information, download the Marist Asia Foundation Volunteer Application.


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