Pushpay app helping churches and communities

Pushpay is a New Zealand company that started by offering an electronic payment mechanism, allowing people to charge their “giving” to a credit or debit card so they could give money at the touch of a button.

Established seven years ago, Pushpay is now one of the world’s fastest-growing SAS (software-as-a-service) companies.

It has gone on to develop a suite of social media-style engagement tools. These include donor tools, finance tools and a custom community app.

“It’s not about raising money any more but actually enabling communities,” says independent chairman Bruce Gordon.

He says when they added a recurring giving option, their customers’ income jumped another 3 or 4 per cent.

This has a positive impact on local communities, where the churches are raising money for social programmes such as those to tackle homelessness.

At the company’s last quarterly update, Pushpay’s customer base included 55 of the US’s 100 largest churches and had generated $3b of giving payments.

“So, that’s flowing straight to communities. It’s very powerful for senior management to stand up with the team and say hey, your hard work has meant US$3b – and that will go close to US$5b this year – flowed straight to communities,” said Gordon.

“It’s very powerful to be able say so-and-so in California has just opened a foodbank and service because the extra 10 per cent revenue generated by implementing Pushpay. It’s super cool.”

The company is New Zealand-owned but does most of its business in the United States.

Gordon was speaking at the Icehouse fifth anniversary celebration dinner in Napier on 7 December.

Icehouse is a Hawke’s Bay-based national start-up incubator and funder.


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