Large people charged more for cremation


Large people should be charged more in cremation fees because of the extra time it takes to process the oversized coffins, the manager of Hastings cemeteries says.

In a paper going before Hastings District Council this week, manager Isak Bester brings several matters to the councillors’ attention, including the extra time involved in cremating “oversize caskets”.

Oversize caskets are used for anyone weighing more than 150kg.

While an average-sized person’s casket takes about 2½ hours to cremate, an oversize one takes between 4½ hours and 5½ hours.

On average, the cost of a funeral is about $10,000.

Whether you opt for burial or cremation, it will have a significant impact on price.

Depending on the area, the price of a burial plot can range from $657 (central Hawke’s Bay) to $6613 (North Shore Memorial Park, Auckland).

In addition, interment fees range from $319 (Taupo) to $1860 (Auckland).

Cremation is usually cheaper than burial. If you’re using a council-owned crematorium, you’ll pay between $525 and $900.

Privately owned crematoria can be more expensive, with services costing between $700 and $1100.

The Hastings District Council is proposing to charge an additional $200.00 for the cremation of a large person.

A council spokeswoman said between six and eight “oversize caskets” had been cremated at the crematorium in the past year.

That was out of about 700 a year.

Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand president Gary Taylor said he had not come across such a scheme before, and it was not something he supported.

“Anything that limits a family’s ability to make a choice, we as an association would question.

“Funerals are all about choice. They’re about families being able to make choices based on good information given to them by funeral directors and, if those decisions are going to be clouded, then I don’t think that’s a progressive step forward.”

While the Catholic Church continues to prefer burial in the ground, it accepts cremation as an option.


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