TV Story on Kiwis volunteering for a Christian Medical Charity

Every year a bunch of Kiwis head to West Africa to volunteer onboard an enormous hospital ship run by a Christian charity called Mercy Ships.

Surgeons, nurses, physiotherapists and radiographers providing surgeries to thousands of patients from the world’s poorest countries.

Tumour removal, facial reconstruction, cataract removal/lens implants, cleft lip and palate reconstruction and orthopaedics surgeries (club feet and bowed legs).

The SUNDAY current affairs programme travelled to Guinea, West Africa, to profile them and their incredible work.

The story is on SUNDAY – TVONE – 7.30pm on 10 March.

Further information in advance of the story is at the links below.

Supplied:  Amanda Gregan Communications Advisor – NZ Catholic Bishops Te Huinga o ngā Pīhopa Katorika o Aotearoa

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