Guilty former archbishop still celebrating Mass

Although Guam’s former Archbishop Apuron has been found guilty of child sexual abuse, he is still celebrating Mass.

While the Vatican’s ruling following its guilty verdict has banned Apuron from returning to Guam and has removed him permanently from his post, he is still a priest.

His successor, Archbishop Michael Byrnes, has apologised and pledged to help the Church and its followers in Guam.

Byrnes admits there are still plenty of questions as to why Apuron wasn’t completely exiled from the Church.

“It means he can still act as a priest, he can still say Mass,” Byrnes says.

“There’s still some blurry areas around this for me, and I’m just trying to get my head around it.”

The Church is already being criticised for what many say is a case of double standards.

In February, the Vatican expelled the former US cardinal Theodore McCarrick from the priesthood over allegations he sexually abused adults and minors.



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