Ex-Vatican envoy in hiding calls Pope Francis a blatant liar

Dissident retired archbishop Carlo Vigano has accused Pope Francis of “blatantly lying” in saying he had no knowledge of sexual abuse allegations against ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick.

In a series of emails from an undisclosed location, Vigano told the Washington Post that Francis and Pope-emeritus Benedict XVI must come clean about what they knew of McCarrick’s alleged decades of abuse.

It is “immensely sad” that Francis was “blatantly lying to the whole world to cover up his wicked deeds” in allegedly protecting McCarrick, Vigano says.

He is firm in his claims that he warned Francis in 2013 about McCarrick.

“How could anybody, especially a pope, forget this?” he said in his emails.

Vigano, who upset the Vatican over years with accusations of corruption and abuse at the highest levels, disappeared last August after publishing an 11-page attack on Francis and Benedict over McCarrick.

In that open letter, he said he warned church leaders in 2006 about allegations that McCarrick engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct and abuse with male seminarians over a period of decades.

It was necessary for him to speak out, he says.

“My silence would make me complicit with the abusers, and lead to yet more victims.

“The results of an honest investigation would be disastrous for the current papacy.”

He also said deeply embedded “homosexual networks” … “are strangling the entire church.”

Vigano wants Francis to resign over his alleged silence.

Francis – who has become more vocal in calling for the church to be honest and open about the priest sex scandals, has consistently rejected the criticism, denying he knew McCarrick’s transgressions.


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