Blood donations mark Cardinal’s birthday


Church workers in the Archdiocese of Manilla, Philippines donated their blood on the occasion of Cardinal Tagle’s 62nd birthday.

It was nothing new, said Rowena Ranola, 58, who works with the archdiocese’s Persons with Disability Ministry.

It was Ranola’s fifth time donating blood at what has become an annual drive to celebrate the cardinal’s birthday.

“It’s good to donate blood,” she said. “Aside from being able to help people, it’s good for the body as well,” said Ranola who encouraged her children and other people to do the same.

The donated blood will be given to the Philippine Red Cross.

“It’s really the poor who will benefit from this,” said director of the archdiocese’s Human Resource Department, Fr Sanny de Claro.

Father Roy Bellen of the archdiocese’s Office of Communications said Tagle prefers activities that will benefit others instead of holding a party for his birthday.

“This is a good concrete gift because it will not be for just one day but really help prolong other people’s lives,” said the priest.


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