Involuntary euthanasia for repeat offenders


A man associated with the Coalition New Zealand Party is calling for the Government to introduce involuntary euthanasia for paedophiles who are repeat offenders.

Jevan Goulter describes himself as the campaign manager and chief strategist for the Coalition New Zealand Party led by Hannah Tamaki.

On his Facebook page, he has posted a link to an article in the New Zealand Herald along with the comment, “It’s with great sadness I suggest this however my arguments are inside the article.”

He told the Herald the term euthanasia is just an “umbrella” term for many forms of death, including “involuntary euthanasia”, and he believes New Zealanders need to have a more in-depth discussion about the topic before making a final decision.

“If we’re already talking about euthanasia, something that’s going to threaten our most vulnerable people in this country, the elderly, people with Alzheimer’s, dementia patients, people with disabilities, people that suffer from depression and mental illnesses, then should we not just throw a few of these paedophiles who commit heinous crimes against our children?”

He said it was his personal view and it didn’t necessarily represent the political party’s stance.

Following Goulter’s strong stance, the Herald contacted Destiny Church who said the church is currently undertaking its own research on euthanasia and do not yet have a formal position regarding the debate.

Haimona Gray in an article published on last month provided an “incomplete list” of the political parties Goulter has associated with, including Labour, the Mana Party, Mana-Internet, TOP and, most recently, the Destiny Church-backed Coalition Party.

“How on earth former Prime Minister Helen Clark, Real Housewife of Auckland Anne “the Champagne Lady” Batley Burton, Silver Fern Maria Tutaia Folau, National Party president Michelle Boag and Brian Tamaki all ended up connected with Goulter is as mysterious and absurd as the man himself,” Gray said.


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