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kids in cages

New Zealanders tend to think there is little they can do about the detention of “kids in cages” on the southern borders of the United States.

“But there’s actually a bunch of things you can do, even from here. We need not feel powerless,” says Thalia Kehoe Rowden writing in The Spinoff.

“Here are some concrete actions you can take today to add your voice of outrage and pledge what aid you can to these children who are being tortured by a despot who likes to think of himself as the ‘leader of the free world”.

Here are some of her suggestions

  • Donate money to those who are helping directly
  • Help your American friends and family to exert their influence
  • Call on our government to protest
  • Protest to the US ambassador here in Aotearoa
  • Add your voice to international human rights protests
  • Channel your outrage and energy closer to home

A New Zealand presence

A New Zealand priest, Father Tony O’Connor, is working in a parish in Brownsville Texas which is right on the border between the United States and Mexico,

He says there are so many good Christian people on both sides, but more on the Mexican side,  “who out of their own pockets are feeding and caring for these people as best they can.”

The “migrants who have nothing but empty tummies and sweaty, snotty clothes, rely solely on these self-sacrificing compassionate activists who daily clothe the naked, feed the hungry and give solace to downtrodden dehumanized brothers and sisters from the south”.

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Make a Donation

If you would like to make a donation please send it to:

The Marist Messenger
78 Hobson St
Wellington 6011

Mark the donation:  For the Children on the border

All money would go directly to the support of the migrant children. Donors would be informed about how the money was used.



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