Bibles not rosaries spared from Trump’s China tariff

U.S. President Donald Trump’s Trade Representative’s office has permanently spared Bibles printed in China from his tariff plans.

Bibles are among about 25 product categories removed from 10 percent tariffs due to take effect next month and in December.

Other products have removed from the tariff plans because they are considered important.

They include child safety seats, cranes used in ports and construction, shipping containers and certain types of fish.

However, rosaries and other personal religious items that are imported from China will be affected by the 10 percent tariff.

Around 60 percent of these imported religious items come from China.

A list of products subject to the additional tariffs, was released last week by the Office of the US Trade Representative.

Although Bibles and other religious books were not included on the list, items including children’s books will not be subject to the new tariff until December.

Trump says delaying imposing the tariffs on children’s books and other items such as mobile phones and laptops, were implemented to avoid hitting Christmas shoppers.

Other types of books, such as American fiction and non-fiction, will still be subject to the charge.

Association of American Publishers president and c.e.o. Maria Pallante has criticised the tariffs saying: “We remain deeply concerned that a wide range of other books remain on the list, including American fiction and non-fiction books; art books; textbooks; dictionaries and encyclopedias; and technical, scientific and professional books.

“A tariff on books is a tax on information, and at odds with longstanding US policy of not imposing tariffs on educational, scientific and cultural materials.

“Just as importantly these books are part of a vital economic engine that makes significant contributions to the US economy, and supports American publishers, authors, illustrators, editors, and designers, as well as distributors and booksellers.”


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