Nun who protested rape-accused bishop expelled

A nun who was expelled from her Kerala congregation says she is being targeted for protesting and speaking to media about Church leaders’ neglect of a nun who was repeatedly raped by a bishop.

Franciscan Clarist nun, Lucy Kalappura (54), says she joined a group of Missionaries of Jesus last September to protest Bishop Franco Mulakkal of Jalandhar’s alleged rape of their former superior general.

The bishop is now on bail and the case against him is being heard in court.

Kaalappura’s letter of expulsion claims the congregation had pointed out her continuous violation of the vows of poverty and obedience to her since 2015.

“However, [Kalappura] was not willing to make the corrections,” a letter from Sister Jyoti Maria, head of the congregation’s Mananthavady province, says.

Among her alleged failings, Kalappura committed dress code violations, bought a car, disobeyed authorities, became involved in large monetary transactions by publishing a book and bringing out a music CD, did not submit her salary to the convent and made media appearances.

Kalappura maintains that her possessions – especially the car – shouldn’t be seen as a violation of her vow of poverty but as a means to better fulfill her responsibilities.

“I have been driving the car only for apostolic work, to fulfill my duties in a better way.

“In the one year since I bought the car, which was the cheapest available in the market, I have been able to visit hundreds of poor patients and people in their houses, support them, and pray for them.

“When I go to school, I also take underprivileged children in my car and drop them off. I have not done anything wrong. It’s the perception of others, of the other nuns, that is a problem,” she added.

Kalappura said she was tired of hearing the words obedience and disobedience.

“Obedience is not just about shutting one’s eyes and saying ‘yes’. I’m so tired of explaining that I simply don’t want to talk about these allegations against me regarding the car, theImage:  books I published, the music CD I created.

“How is that wrong if I’m using it for God’s work, which is my duty as a nun? The CD has worship songs that I wrote by myself.”

Kalappura was allowed 10 days to appeal Rome.She has appealed her dismissal to the Pontifical Congregation for the Oriental Churches.

Kalappura’s congregation has asked her 84-year old mother to take her back.


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