Auckland diocese’s JPC ask Ardern to intervene at Ihumātau


The Justice and Peace Commission of Catholic Diocese of Auckland is asking the government to intervene in the Ihumātau land dispute.

They have asked the government to purchase the disputed land.

Deacon Chris Sullivan, the Ihumātao Response Team leader says the Government needs to take the land back first.

“Because it was the Government back in 1963 that confiscated the land illegally from Māori there and caused the issue in the first place.”

Sullivan says the Government has very few options.

“We see the Government has a responsibility to take action, and probably that involves putting up money.”

The Commission has written a letter to the prime minister Jacinda Ardern and cabinet ministers, urging the government “to take steps in rectifying the grave injustice it committed in 1863 when it confiscated the land at Ihumātao.”

They support the government’s decision to invite all parties to come together to reach a long term solution for the use of the land.

The commission believes that participants in such a meeting must include the leaders of the land occupation, Save Our Unique Landscape (SOUL).

They have also suggested that police be withdrawn as requested by the Maori Council: “to promote peace and goodwill.”

They think Maori wardens would be much the more appropriate keepers it there is a need.

The peace and justice group has also written a letter to the mayor of Auckland, Phil Goff and councillors of the Auckland City Council encouraging them to play a positive role in achieving a just solution at Ihumātao.

Members of the commission are appointed by the bishop of Auckland.

They are selected from convenors of committees, the diocesan pastoral council representative, the council of priests representative and  Maori representatives


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