Hato Pāora College students learn science through the use of Māori legends

hato paora college students

Massey University’s Pūhoro science, technology, engineering and maths academy a help young Māori minds session for more than 150 teenagers at IPU New Zealand Tertiary Institute (IPU) last Friday.

Students from Hato Pāora College took part in a programme.

The photograph above shows Hato Pāora College students trying to build a hydraulic arm powered by syringes.

“We’re building a Lego robot that can move by using syringes and minimal materials,” said Ihaka Komene, one of the students.

During the day, the students did six challenges related to different Māori legends.

One legend was the battle between Māui and the sun, which tells the tale of Māui slowing down the sun to make the days longer.
Students created a maze to slow down the journey of a marble so it would reach the bottom of the path at specific times.

The day was part of the Āmua Ao programme, an initiative to raise Māori participation and achievement in STEM subjects led by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority and Pūhoro.

Pūhoro Stem Academy was launched in 2016 in response to low national engagement of Māori in STEM-related career pathways.

That subsequently leads to lower numbers of Māori representation in science and technology industries in Aotearoa.

Pūhoro seeks to change this space and recognises that a STEM workforce is required for an innovation-focused future society.
The programme works directly with secondary school students and their whānau across the country.

It provides students and whānau with mentoring, tutoring, wānanga (experiential learning/field trips) within culturally appropriate settings.

These experiences help them navigate career pathways into science and technology-related industries.


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