Top theologian refuses to continue on German synodal path

A member of the International Theological Commission says she is no longer available to participate in the “binding synodal path” proposed by the German bishops’ conference.

Marianne Schlosser, who is a professor of theology at the University of Vienna, says she is concerned about the path’s approach and methodology.

She was invited to contribute to the discussions after the conference had held two preparatory meetings.

Her expertise was sought for the Synodal Way’s forum “on women in ecclesial roles and offices”.

However, she says she can’t identify with a number of issues in an intermediate report produced by the Synodal Way’s preparatory group.

These include a “fixation on ordination” of women.

This “fixation” was neither theologically and historically nor pastorally and spiritually justified, she says.

The Catholic Church teaches that it has no authority to admit women to priestly ordination.

Schlosser says as this topic is not about discipline, it cannot be “negotiated in a synodal forum with mixed members” – that is, between bishops and laity.

She also expressed the fear of a progressive polarization of the church in Germany.

Pope Francis appointed Schlosser as a member of the International Theological Commission in 2014. She was also appointed a member of the study commission investigating the female diaconate in 2016.

She is an advisor to the Faith Commission of the German bishops’ conference and since January 2018 a member of the Theological Commission of the Austrian bishops’ conference.

Schlosser was the Ratzinger Prize recipient in 2018.


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