Here’s real climate action: Cancel Christmas and…

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Columnist Duncan Garner is suggesting that one way of contributing to slowing climate change is to give up celebrating Christmas.

“Christmas is killing us. Mad consumerism, rubbish by the planet load and dirty air travel that dumps pollution on us like no other industry.

So no presents. No holidays. Just stay home and plan the future.”

And he says:   “imagine the trucks that won’t be needed as a result. Sorry drivers. Ummmm, upskill please.”

Garner produced a long list of other suggestions that would help to reduce the rate of climate change.

While Christians maybe not so keen about doing away with Christmas, they are celebrating the Season of Creation from September 1 to October 4.

It might be a time for them to ponder on mad consumerism.

Last Friday’s strike action in the name of climate change was believed to have attracted 170,000 people nationwide, according to strike organisers.

If accurate, it takes the lead as one of New Zealand’s biggest strikes (in terms of attendees)

It beat this year’s mega teachers’ strike, but not quite the 1979 general strike which saw almost 300,000 workers nationwide join the picket line for one day.

Pope Francis has invited people to reflect and act to protect an endangered environment.

Taking inspiration from the Book of Genesis, Pope Francis describes God’s gaze as “resting lovingly on his creation”.

But he goes on to say that, “tragically, the human response to this gift has been marked by sin, selfishness and a greedy desire to possess and exploit.”

“Egoism and self-interest”, he says, “have turned creation, a place of encounter and sharing, into an arena of competition and conflict. In this way, the environment itself is endangered”.


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