Vatican, big-tech team up to protect minors

A coalition of big-tech companies and institutions meeting at the Vatican starting Thursday (Nov. 14) seeks to create a safe environment for children on the internet through cooperation and concrete actions.

The international and interreligious conference, “Promoting Digital Child Dignity: From Concept to Action,” was organized to combat the multiplying risks and challenges of the internet for minors.

Over 270,000 images of sexual abuse of minors are uploaded to the internet every day, according to data collected by Microsoft.

Pedophiles and sexual abusers hold their own conferences and create secret symbols to share their illegal content online.

About 80% of the victims are children under 10 years old, most of them female, photographed or taped in domestic environments.

But the danger is not only for the children exploited by criminals on the internet, but also for youth who have access to the internet and are exposed to violent and dangerous content. Continue reading

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