Japanese company develops environment-friendly edible plates and coffee cups

A company in Japan is taking conservation to extremes by providing the ability to even eat the plate the food is served on.

That is a small Japanese confectionery company which offers edible takeaway containers and is working on an edible coffee cup.

The cups and edible takeaway food trays are aimed at tapping into the global push by Governments, companies and consumers concerned about plastic and waste pollution.

The edible ware is being developed by a small family company in Aichi prefecture, which has also developed edible chopsticks and takeaway food plates – flavours include shrimp, sweet potato, onion and corn.

On a per capita basis, Japan is the second highest user of plastic in the world and goes through 30 billion single-use plastic bags in a year. But in a bid to meet the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, it is trying to clean itself up. Continue reading

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