Mehmet Ali Agca relieved John Paul II didn’t die. He has new life caring for cats

The man who shot Pope John Paul II, Mehmet Ali Agca says he is relieved that his victim did not die.

“It was destiny. And it was destiny he survived. I am very glad he didn’t die.

“The Pope became like a brother to me. When he died [in 2005] I felt like my brother or my best friend had died.”

After 29 years in jail he has renounced his violent past and neighbours know him better as the kind man who daily feeds stray cats and dogs.

He said: “I think of how I shot the Pope on most days… not every day now but most days.

“I’m a good man now. I try to live my life properly. When I shot him I was 23. I was young and I was ignorant.” Read more

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