“Called to More” helps young Catholics know their faith

Katie Ascough

A new online faith formation platform was launched in Ireland, Wednesday.

Called to More aims to help young Catholics know their faith by providing high-quality online content.

On its website Called to More offers podcasts and articles and promotes itself on Facebook and Instagram.

Today Co-Founder Katie Ascough says Called to More seeks to communicate deep and profound truths about the Catholic faith in a way that is relevant, accessible, and attractive.

“Our mission is clear. We want to send well-formed Catholics into the world to carry out their apostolates, follow their vocations, and rebuild the Church,” said Ascough.

“While the Catholic faith has often been regarded as a set of rules or rote religion, we want to break that stigma.”

“We want every person to see that they are called to know, love, and share God in this world and eventually to live with Him forever in Heaven.”

“We want to provide a place where people can learn more about and be reminded of this call every single day,” she said.

In 2017 Ascough was elected UCD Students’ Union president, however her Catholic views saw her impeached a few days later.

“From day one I said I would be a president for everyone, respecting the diversity of views in UCD,” she told the Irish Times in 2017.

According to the Irish Times the campaign to impeach Ascough began after she received a legal opinion that a page on access to abortion information in the student union’s Winging It freshers’ magazine, may have been illegal.

When asked about her anti-abortion views she said that when she was 15 years old her mother had a miscarriage and she had held the 13-week-old foetus. “That made a big difference to me. It opened my eyes. I felt compelled to protect all life,” she said.

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