In Reverse: Prayer in a time of isolation

New Zealand is in “Lock Down”.

Life as we have known it is completely changed as the nation, along with the rest of the world, wages war against an invisible but deadly enemy, Coronavirus, or COVID-19.

You may have already been “self-isolating”; the “Lock Down” extends that directive to nearly everyone.

Only essential services remain open.

You are a person of faith.

Prayer is an important part of your life.

Worship normally engages you with others and with large gatherings banned, church services, along with concerts, meetings, sporting events and large social celebrations, cannot be held.

We are in a very strange and unfamiliar environment, backpedalling to escape infection and limit the spread of a disease for which there is still no cure.

This means minimal or no contact with others, no touching, no sharing, keeping our distance from one another and keeping everything clean.

It’s like we’re living “in reverse”, backing away from what we’ve regarded as normal.

Indeed, as social beings, we need contact with others.

Reversing what is natural and necessary is unnerving and extremely disruptive.

So here is a package of reflections to take you through this time of being locked down!

Whether on your own or at home with family, I hope you will find here something to ease the isolation and to let you know you are still connected.  Let the spirit be our touchstone and our bridge to one another.

They explore the “In Reverse” title, accepting that while it is unnatural to be apart from others, this time on your own can help you to place more value on community, to become more mindful of those without friends or contacts, and to nurture seeds of kindness and compassion.

Prayer in a time of isolation offers a spiritual bond that will remove loneliness from your time alone and strengthen your appreciation of “togetherness” when you return.

Pray Day One – The water of Life



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