What a difference the internet makes

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If it wasn’t for their internet where would we be during the big lockdown?

Many Catholic churches big and small around New Zealand are streaming daily Mass online.

Many faith groups are having zoom and skype meetings.

And many virtual communities are forming to meet and pray online.

On its website, The Diocese of Auckland says “watching Mass online is not ideal and is offered only as an interim measure while public health issues persist.”

“Many of this country’s Catholic priests and bishops are streaming Mass each day, from their own homes, even though only they are able to be present in person,” says Father John O’Connor, the church’s Acting Director of Liturgy.

This follows the example of Pope Francis, who began live-streaming his daily morning Mass in the Vatican several weeks ago.

The Church is posting online Mass links on its National Liturgy Office website. The page has regular updates of links in New Zealand and overseas, including to the Pope’s daily Mass, held at 7 pm New Zealand time.

The lockdown has coincided with the 40-day season of Lent and Easter, the most important days of the Christian calendar.

The diocese of Dunedin has a webpage with a collection of resources for use at home.


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