Church radio station for locals unable to use internet

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Listen Up is a new radio service which is being co-ordinated by an associate priest at St Mary’s Anglican church in Levin.

David Atkinson is using the Church’s equipment and content comes from the community.

Many people can stay connected well with phone calls, Facebook and Zoom calls, but it is important to not forget about those who were less tech-savvy.

“We needed to reach out in some other way,” says Atkinson.

With that need in mind, we wanted to connect older folks, but also people who don’t have data or access to the internet.”

Horowhenua District councillor Sam Jennings said the radio station was aimed at older people and those who did not have access to the internet or other news sources.

Jennings was providing information for the news and announcements and was working on increasing content and interviews from mayor Bernie Wanden and other figures.

“We want to use it as an opportunity to have an active audience to talk about stuff.”

Jennings said he was concerned about vulnerable people who didn’t have the internet, who were reliant on NewsTalk ZB and the 6 pm news, but were missing local news, such as new supermarket opening hours.

Atkinson encouraged people to send him contributions, as the show could run all day if there was enough content.

Atkinson said he was an amateur radio operator and the church had previously bought radio station equipment that had been gathering mothballs.

The radio station went on air for the first time last Friday.

Listen Up, uses the frequency 88.3 FM and is broadcasting each morning at 10.30 am.

The radio station is run from Atkinson’s house with a laptop and a “tiny antenna” that can only reach the northern half of Levin because of licensing.


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