Good Friday meditation: Stations of the Cross

In the Catholic tradition, 14 ‘stations’ represent Christ’s journey to the cross.

Many artists have depicted Christ’s journey to Calvary.

These depictions portray Jesus’ final hours and particularly come to the fore during Lent.

Called the Stations of the Cross, or the Way of the Cross, ‘the Stations’ are part of church life.

On the Friday’s of Lent, but particularly on Good Friday, out of devotion, people visit each station to meditate on Christ’s Passion and pray.

Sometimes too the Church gathers to pray the Stations together, however, most recently, as we respond to the health threat of being together, people have been unable to visit a church and ‘make the Stations’.

CathNews NZ in conjunction with a group of nine people, all working in their bubbles, is pleased to bring the solemnity of the Stations to your place, offering you the opportunity to reflect, ponder and pray.

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