Thomas’ disbelief gets a bad rap

This week Thomas is present when Jesus appears in the Upper Room.

Thomas, as we know was not there the previous week and had refused to believe the other disciples’ account of them seeing the risen Lord.

Traditionally, Thomas gets a bad rap for what is described as his disbelief; he had not seen so he didn’t believe.

However, Thomas’ disbelief is really pretty much the same as the disciples from the previous week; they did not believe Mary of Magdala’s account of the risen Jesus; they only believed once he appeared to them.

In effect, they just had a week’s start on believing in risen Jesus.

If they had believed, surely they would not have been hidden, locked away behind the Upper Room door!

We are the Church carrying forward the memory of the risen Lord, we are the ones Jesus is speaking of because we are the ones who are happy because we have not seen, yet believe.


Coming to the end of the Easter Octave, at the end of the video reflection we invite you to continue to watch and listen as the World’s largest virtual choir performs the Hallelujah Chorus.

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