Articles critical of Cardinal Dolan unpublished

Magazine articles critical of the flattering comments New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan made about President Donald Trump have been withdrawn from publication.

Even though they have been withdrawn, one of the articles has been saved by a digital archive that allows people to see websites as they existed at various points in time. A link to the other article is still referred to in various tweets and listed by Google News.

The article that has been saved is a commentary by Catholic Theological Union public theologian Steven P. Millies.

Stephen Schneck, a political scientist and the executive director of the Franciscan Action Network, says he wrote the second article. The U.S. Catholic withdrew it without informing him, he claims.

“They haven’t communicated with me in any way,” he says. “Obviously, they’re entitled to run what they want to run. But I would have expected to at least have a conversation before a piece was taken down.”

Several hours after Schneck’s comments were published, Millies tweeted that he would no longer write columns for U.S. Catholic.

His tweet said it was “a difficult decision because I enjoy it and because I think contributing to the debate as a public intellectual is more needed now than ever.”

His article began by asking if the U.S. bishops had “crossed a sort of Rubicon” by taking part in a controversial phone call with Trump on 2 April.

Image He also wondered if Dolan’s flattery of Trump during a 27 April “Fox & Friends” appearance “may prove to be a moment from which American Catholicism cannot turn back.”

Over 1,000 Catholics signed a letter on 1 May expressing outrage that the cardinal was so publicly praising a president known for separating migrant families and stoking racial divisions in the country.

After Vatican officials criticized the magazine for publishing the piece, the Claretians arranged for the U.S. Catholic to print church documents explaining the church’s position against the ordination of women to the priesthood.


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