Auckland parish finds a way to share the Eucharist

At Holy Family Parish in Te Atatu Mass is Live-streamed at 10 am each day.

It is not open to the public; the Church remains closed during Mass.

However, after Mass, Communion is given at the door of the Church.

After Sunday Mass Communion will also be given to those who come to the main Church door.

The parish priest says communion will be given to those “who have prepared themselves appropriately, as they wait in their cars on Taikata Rd.”

“Parking will NOT be provided on Church property, otherwise, it will look like a large gathering at Church.

The live-stream Mass can be watched on your phone in your car if you can.

If I don’t recognize you, don’t be offended if I ask you some questions to check that you are a Catholic before giving you Communion.

As you queue for Communion make sure to keep the 1m distance. Return to your car to make your thanksgiving.”


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