Detroit Catholic Archdiocese to create ‘families of parishes’ of 3 to 6 parishes each

Facing a shortage of priests and decreased revenue, the Catholic Archdiocese of Detroit announced this week an ambitious new reorganization plan that will create what it calls “families of parishes,” grouping three to six churches together that will share priests and resources.

The plan — to be carried out over two years — is different from previous restructurings that often included mergers, closing of parishesand clustering, where one priest would oversee more than one parish. However, there still might be closings of parishes in the future.

“Clusters are too hard on priests and we do not intend to use them any longer,” said Archdiocese of Detroit spokeswoman Holly Fournier. “Where clusters currently exist, the plan is to welcome them into new ‘families’ where their pastors can begin sharing in ministry with the rest of the clergy assigned to the ‘family.'” Read more

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