Woman’s Day appoints a Chief Spiritual Officer

A new spiritual role has come for TV star and producer Candace Cameron Bure.

The actress – famous for her roles AS DJ Tanner on Full House, Fuller House and various Hallmark movies – has accepted a new role: as the Woman’s Day’s new Chief Spiritual Officer, or CSO.

As a woman who has always been vocal about her Christian faith, Bure says she was flattered to be offered the role.

“My Christian faith is so meaningful to me, and it’s the foundation of who I am.

“It always goes before me, and I’ve never been shy to talk about my faith. So to be known for that and to be respected for that is great.”

Bure has had an evolving relationship with her faith throughout her life. She says she wasn’t raised in a Christian home, but began going to church when she was 12 years old.

“It wasn’t until my early 20s when my faith became my own. I chose to dig into the Bible and know God in my early 20s, and since then everything in my personal life and in my career really revolves around the foundation of the Bible and my Christian faith, and trying to walk that walk and not just say it with words.”

“My faith is not something that stays at home. My faith goes with me everywhere I go.”

In her new spiritual role at Woman’s Day, Bure hopes to encourage readers and helps them grow in their own faith.

“I hope what they read sticks to their ribs,” she says. “I hope they will walk away thinking about it and thinking how they could apply that nugget to their lives.”

She plans to cover a different topic in each of her columns, and wants to focus on how people can incorporate their faith into their everyday lives.

“Woman’s Day has always had a nod to scripture and encouragement in faith, and … now I get to be that little corner of the magazine and every issue choose scripture and talk about how it applies to each of us and how it can encourage us to take a better step forward each day.”

Her first column will appear in the July/August 2020 issue.


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