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Judith Collins, the new leader of New Zealand’s National Party is seen as one of the more right-wing MPs in the party with a reputation for supporting hardline law-and-order legislation.

But a Newshub article says her record shows some surprising votes for socially liberal policies.

Same-gender marriage
In 2004, Collins voted against the  Civil Union Bill, “not because of any sort of homophobic views” but because it created “a parallel form of marriage.”

She voted for the Marriage (Gender Clarification) Amendment Bill in 2005, which would have defined marriage as only between a man and a woman. This failed in its first reading.

In 2013 she voted in favour of the Bill allowing same-sex marriage.


In 2019, Collins voted in favour of the Abortion Legislation Bill which removed abortion from the Crimes Act.


Collins had voted against the 2003 Death with Dignity Bill.

She also voted against the End of Life Choice Bill in its first reading.

But in the debate on the third reading of the Bill last year, she held back tears as she gave an emotional speech about her father, who died from terminal bone cancer.

Collins said she used to be opposed to assisted dying, but now believes giving people the choice to die with dignity is the right thing to do.


National has up until recently declined to commit to enacting the result of the non-binding cannabis referendum, which will be voted on in September as part of the 2020 election.

But former National leader Todd Muller said his party will likely support the legalisation of cannabis if New Zealand votes “yes” in the upcoming referendum.

Collins has not expressed a view. The AM Show in October 2018, she declined to say whether she’d be likely to vote in favour of legalising recreational use of marijuana.

She acknowledged that personal use will “probably” end up legalised soon.

Sex work

In 2003 the Prostitution Reform Act decriminalised sex work in New Zealand.

Collins voted against the Bill – in the second reading saying: “In my opinion, prostitution is rape accompanied by payment – if the prostitute is lucky.”


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