Select Committee ignores women with post-abortion grief

abortion grief

A select committee considering a private members bill which allows for bereavement leave for miscarriages have come back with their report, and have rejected calls for the leave to be extended to allow support for women with post-abortion grief.

When lodging the original bill, Labour MP Ginny Anderson said, “I think [abortion] would be [grounds], but I would like this Member’s Bill to pass.”

“We absolutely support this bill, but requested that it be extended to cover post-abortive women. That’s because we believe that all women matter. And that all loss should count.

“Just as the loss and grief experienced by parents as a result of miscarriage absolutely deserve recognition, so too does the loss and grief resulting from abortion which is experienced by many women.

“Women are being persuaded to believe that abortion is not a loss of life – but that is certainly not the experience of many post-abortive women, and their loss should not be ignored,” says Marina Young, founder of the Buttons Project and spokesperson for Family First NZ.

“Bereavement leave for both miscarriages – often referred to by medical specialists as ‘spontaneous abortion – and abortions would allow women the opportunity to seek the support and counselling that they may need at this time.

“We should never under-estimate the grief and loss that a woman personally experiences from either a miscarriage or an abortion.”

“Their grief and loss need to be validated too, because there can be many factors that surround one’s decision to have an abortion. Post abortive women need to know that it is okay to seek help and take time to grieve, and to allow their body to heal. Because all women matter.”

“I ask that we walk gently in people’s lives, as we do not know the journey that they have been on to lead them to where they are at this moment, and allow post-abortive women’s grief and loss to be acknowledged.”

Family First is asking MPs to consider introducing an SOP to this effect.


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