Trump claims COVID-19 is God testing him after he built ‘greatest economy in history.’

Donald Trump claimed Monday that the coronavirus pandemic that has killed over 170,000 Americans is God’s way of testing him.

While boasting about the “economic miracle” he claims to have achieved before Covid-19 disrupted life across America, the president described having a conversation with God about his track record as president.

“We built the greatest economy in the history of the world, and now I have to do it again,” he said, repeating a debunked claim about his administration’s economic successes during a campaign stop in Mankato, Minnesota.

“You know what that is?” Trump asked. “That’s God testing me. He said, ‘You know, you did it once.’ And I said, ‘Did I do a great job, God? I’m the only one that could do it.’’’

According to Trump, God wasn’t too pleased with his boast.

“[God] said, ‘That, you shouldn’t say. Now we’re going to have you do it again,’” he said as his audience broke into laughter.

“I said, ‘OK, I agree. You got me,’” he said. “But I did it once. And now I’m doing it again.” Continue reading

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