Euthanasia in Spain a ‘defeat for human dignity’

euthanasia in Spain

Euthanasia is a defeat for human dignity argue the Spanish Catholic bishops.

The bishops’ conference said a change in the law would affirm a self-centred view of life that proposes death as a solution to one’s problems!

They also maintain the proposed law would be “bad news, since human life is not a commodity at anyone’s disposal.”

If passed by Spanish legislators, the controversial law would make Spain the fourth European country to legalize physician-assisted suicide. Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg are the other countries where euthanasia has been legalized.

Currently, assisted suicide is punishable in Spain with up to five years in prison.

A person found to have been directly involved in someone’s death can face homicide charges and if convicted, the offender could face up to 10 years in prison.

The Bioethics Committee of Spain (CBE) has unanimously rejected the underlying principles behind the euthanasia bill.

The 12 member committee is responsible for issuing reports on matters with relevant bioethical implications.

The CBE noted the bill is invalid because it decriminalizes euthanasia as an exception to the general rule requiring life to be protected.

The committee further argued against the law because it recognizes death as a right that can be incorporated into the list of public health benefits.

Pope Francis has also expressed his concern over the proposed legalization of euthanasia in Spain.

Cardinal Juan Jose Omella said that Pope Francis had told a private meeting with local bishops that he is “worried” by the new measure. Omella stated that the pope is particularly concerned by the impact of such a decision on all life issues.

Spanish media have reported that one survey has revealed that up to 87% of the public is sympathetic to the introduction of a euthanasia law.

Another survey revealed that approximately 70% of doctors are in favour of legalizing euthanasia in Spain.



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