First refugees in NZ since border closed complete managed isolation

The first batch of refugees to arrive in the country since the border closed have now completed managed isolation.

The 16 asylum seekers were prioritised as emergency cases because of a perceived high risk of death, jail, or expulsion from their own countries.

As many as 1000 more refugees, approved to come to New Zealand before the pandemic hit, are still trapped abroad, waiting for the country’s borders to open.

It’s the first time in four months there have been refugees staying at Mangere Refugee Centre, where Qemajl Murati is based as the Refugee Quota Programme manager.

“Everybody’s excited because we know how much it means for these families to be in a safe place and be looked after, and it’s important for us as well,” he said.

On arrival, asylum seekers stay in a managed isolation facility for two weeks, and the refugee centre for one week. Read more

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