Priest in India attacks bishop

priest suspended in India

A Catholic priest from a diocese in northern India has been suspended after allegedly physically assaulting the diocese’s bishop over a sexual abuse case.

Bishop Pius Thomas D’Souza of Ajmer claims he was attacked last week by local priest Father Varghese Palappallil. Palappallil has denied the allegation.

According to Matters India, the bishop said he was finishing lunch at his residence on March 7 when Palappallil sat next to him. The priest immediately began to argue about a sexual abuse case he is facing. The case involves allegations from a married woman.

“I explained to him that I have nothing to do with the case as it is pending in Rome. It is being dealt with according to the procedure of Canon Law. I am not against him,” D’Souza said, according to Matters India.

The bishop said the priest then physically attacked him, hitting his face and neck, and knocking his glasses to the ground. Palappallil then hit D’Souza in the chest and raised a chair to strike him. Another priest then stepped in to save the bishop from the attack.

According to Matters India, Palappallil has denied the allegations, which he says are an attempt to discredit him for questioning the bishop.

“My purpose of the visit was to appeal [to] the bishop to appoint me in any official post of the diocese, as I was not given any posting since 2015 after I was accused of a sexual relationship with a woman,” the priest said.

He said the bishop grew angry during their conversion and threatened him with a knife. Palappallil responded by pushing the bishop away, which knocked off the prelate’s glasses.

“After that we continued our discussion until 3:30 p.m. and we departed happily. The bishop promised to consider my case,” the priest said.

He called the physical assault allegations “shocking…baseless and untrue.”

In a March 10 letter, Bishop D’Souza said Fr. Palappallil was banned from “celebration of Mass, Sacraments, sacramentals and to receive Sacraments in the Church from the very moment of the physical assault.”

Palappallil says he will challenge the allegations.


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