Priests arrested after bishop-designate is shot

Three priests are among 12 people arrested for their possible involvement after the Italian-born bishop-designate of Rumbek, South Sudan, was shot and wounded on 26 April. Lay members of the local church community were also detained.

Fr Christian Carlassare, a 43-year-old Comboni missionary, has forgiven his attackers, and said: “It is a very sad story, but if it turns out church members are guilty, then the local church will have to repent and recognise its responsibility.”

Carlassare felt, “only the truth, even if it is painful, will be able to point out what choices we will have to make.” The bishop-designate, who has been ministering in South Sudan since 2005, spoke from a hospital bed in Nairobi, Kenya to Avvenire, the daily newspaper of the Italian bishops.

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