Catholic high school entrepreneur has a business-savvy touch

A teenage entrepreneur from new Plymouth’s Sacred Heart College come up with a way for people to support young artists.

You don’t need wall space either.

Abbie Wood’s determination to find ways to get artist’s work seen has resulted in The Together Collective. She prints budding artists’ work onto t-shirts and sells them. The result is a win-win. Someone gets a t-shirt and the student artists get a cut from the profits and a confidence boost.

“It’s an opportunity to get their work out there in a different form,” 16-year-old Wood says. “They all spend so much time on it.

“I just want to create as much impact as I can for young artists, artists my age.”

This isn’t Wood’s first venture into the business world. Back in 2016 she started an indoor plant business after taking part in a business school for kids.

The venture developed from a task involving making terrariums for a school project. She realised she could sell them … and succulents … and more.

Called Grow Easy, the five-year old business is going from strength to strength.

This new venture is focused somewhat differently, Wood says. This time her aim is to use a business venture that offers something of value for others.

“I had the idea of trying to involve people,” she says. “This is a confidence booster.”

After launching The Together Collective recently, the teenage entrepreneur has two artists on board so far: fellow Sacred Heart College students Hannah Hitchcock and Zoe Paynter.

Sales are going well and the artists are enjoying their part in the venture. “It’s a cool opportunity,” Wood says. Products can be ordered online or people shopping in New Plymouth might find them in local outlets.

Wood has been in touch with art teachers to discuss potential printing opportunities and has been encouraging other artists to consider the opportunity.

“Now that they’re seeing it all happening they’re like ‘what actually are you doing Abbie?’” she says. “I’m open to hearing from people.”


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