‘Holy Hologram’: Sunday sermon beamed to New Zealand


Going to church just got more techy with hologram technology beaming a California pastor’s Sunday morning sermon to a New Zealand congregation.

The pastor – Samuel Rodriguez – addressed the people at Auckland’s City Impact Church on July 4th via hologram. A hologram is a three-dimensional image, created with a photographic projection and beam of radiation such as a laser.

Rodriguez says this was the first time he delivered a sermon with a holographic image. It was like an “encounter between Star Trek and Christianity,” he says.

“It does take some capacity. You have to have the apparatus and infrastructure. There is a difference between watching someone on screen. Unless you touch them, you don’t know they aren’t there.”

The idea of using a hologram came after City Impact’s Senior Pastor, Peter Mortlock invited Rodriguez to preach at the Auckland church.

“We really want to have you here, but we can’t and don’t want to stream,” Rodriguez quotes Mortlock as saying in his invitation.

“COVID prompted churches to visit the Star Trek universe. It’s equally as effective in delivering the gospel and advancing the Kingdom.”

Rodriguez went on to explain that his church is discussing the possibility of using hologram technology order to minister between the California and Auckland campuses. He predicts that in time holograms will replace the streaming of church services.

“This is a holy hologram,” he says.

In an Instagram post, Rodriquez said it was a blessing to be able to integrate technology for the purpose of sharing God’s Word.

“I just preached in New Zealand…..via HOLOGRAM. How cool is that?” his Instagram post says.

“As a die hard Trekkie [ie Star Trek fan], this is such a blessing for me personally.

I love to see the church engage technology, innovation, and science all within the confines of our amazing faith to change the world with the gospel of Jesus.”


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