Do not to buy fake COVID vaccination cards

The Philippine government, the Police and a Manila diocese are warning people not to buy fake COVID vaccination cards so they can travel.

The police say the country’s current lockdown has seen many people trying to head back to the provinces to avoid being “trapped” in Manila.

The free-of-charge government-issued cards are restricted to those who have received two vaccine shots or have been in quarantine for 14 days in a state facility.

Health authorities recently allowed people with the official card to travel outside the capital. Cardholders are exempt from undergoing quarantine if they travel to another region.

Using a fake certificate puts the holder and others at risk of the virus, the Novaliches Diocese Facebook post warns.

Counterfeiters are seeing opportunities in making authentic-looking vaccine cards.

“People may be tempted to buy them, especially during a strict lockdown imposed in and around Manila from August 6-20,” the Manila diocese Facebook post continues.

The diocese is urging people to “Be wary of individuals selling vaccination cards. Our health is still a priority. Let us not do something illegal just to travel to see our loved ones. Let us sacrifice first for the common good.”

The post also notes that Catholic churches are perfect places where criminals can sell the fake cards.

It says the diocese has received reports that some people have been selling the fake COVID cards at Novaliches Cathedral.

The diocese reminds people that COVID health cards cannot be transferred from one person to another.

Government authorities are also advising Filipinos not to travel to the provinces during the current period of tighter restrictions and has issued a warning over the fake cards.

President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered police to take action against those selling and using fake documents, his spokesman says.

The police force is also sending warnings about the fake certificates.

“I am directing all police offices and units to be vigilant against those travelers who might use fake documents including vaccination cards to falsely prove that they are fully vaccinated,” police chief Guillermo Eleazar says.


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