Caritas Italy, Jesuits suspend activities as Taliban takeover Afghanistan

charitable activities suspended in Afghanistan

Caritas Italy announced they have suspended all charitable activities in Afghanistan in the wake of the Taliban takeover.

The Jesuits have also suspended their mission in the country “indefinitely.”

In an Aug 15 statement Caritas said the “instability of the situation has led to the suspension of all activities”. It has also increased fears “of maintaining a presence in the future, as well as for the safety of the few Christian Afghans” in the country.

A Jesuit priest in New Delhi told that two Jesuit priests are among many Indian nationals in Afghanistan waiting for their government’s evacuation flights.

The Jesuit priests “are safe and are ready to fly to India” when flights resume, the unnamed priest said.

Caritas Italy, has been present in the country since 1990, said that it ran several programs in Afghanistan. The programs provided “emergency aid, rehabilitation and development.”

It also oversaw “the construction of four schools” in the central Ghor Province and 100 shelters for 483 refugee families in the Panjshir Valley, located 93 miles north of Kabul.

Before the Taliban’s takeover, the Catholic charitable organization was focused mainly on helping “vulnerable minors.”

However, the withdrawal of US forces has left the country “in a tragic abyss” after 20 years. There has been “incalculable human costs and billions of euros in expenditures,” it said.

“As always, it will be the weakest who pay the highest price,” Caritas said.

“Already tens of thousands of people are fleeing from combat zones while the Taliban are now in the capital, Kabul. Along with embassy personnel, even the very few priests, religious men and women who are in Kabul are preparing for their forced return.”

Nevertheless, despite the challenges, Caritas said its office in Pakistan will oversee the arrival of “a growing number of refugees fleeing the war zone,” which will increase pressure in surrounding countries.

A group of Catholic nuns in Kabul are safe, the president of a children’s charity said Tuesday.

Fr Matteo Sanavio told CNA , “we are in constant contact with the sisters present there, and we pray for them. They are fine and that all channels have been activated so that they are safe.”

The president of the association For the Children of Kabul asked people to pray “so that all Christians present in Kabul may find salvation and, together with them, the poor and tortured Afghan people will soon be able to have a future of peace.”



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