Lockdown services offer chance to worship within household bubble

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Lockdown services around the country saw household bubble virtual church attendance from worshippers over the weekend.

The lockdown offers people the opportunity to engage with God themselves in whichever way they find most comfortable, rather than just watching it on a screen, Director of the Catholic Church’s Liturgy Commission Fr John O’Connor says.

“There are a whole variety of online resources for people who are seeking to grow in relationship with God. It includes reflections on readings and suggestions of different ways of praying,” he says.

“I know that some parishes are offering live streamed Masses, and whereas they were popular last year, it seems that people are taking the chance to really engage with God themselves, rather than to watch someone else on a screen doing that.

“I think always with live streaming there’s a sense of being at a distance and while some people find it very helpful, that’s great.

“Many others are finding it helpful to just take time for prayer themselves or with their families, or those who are in their household bubble.”

O’Connor says some people were finding it more fulfilling to share a Zoom call with two or three people close to them.

Connecting with each other is a good thing, says O’Connor.

“Sunday, for 2000 years for Christians, has been the day of worship and it’s not an isolated activity but even if we, for whatever reason, whether it be lockdown or sickness or distance… we are still connected with the community remembering that when we pray, we’re never alone.

“When we pray, we’re connected with God and with every other praying person.”


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