Exercise and wear a mask urges Cardinal Dew

wear a mask

New Zealand Cardinal, John Dew, is adding his support and encouraging people to wear a mask while outside exercising during the lockdown.

“Recently, Pope Francis took part in an advertising campaign encouraging people to get vaccinated and called the gesture an ‘act of love’. Wearing a mask when leaving our homes to use an essential service and exercise is also an act of love,” says Dew.

Wearing a mask protects others and ourselves he said.

“I know it can look a little off-putting, but in these circumstances choosing to wear a mask is a visible sign of our love for ourselves and our neighbour,” Dew told CathNews.

“We’ve seen how quickly the Delta can be transmitted.

“Exercise during the lockdown is good for body and soul and particularly so as the pressures of lockdown mount,” says Dew.

While encouraging people to exercise, he says it is important to respect others sharing the common space.

Dew’s comments come as the number of those infected with COVID is increasing and the Prime Minister warns the number of those infected will get worse before it gets better.

The Ministry of Health is encouraging people to wear a mask whenever they leave home.

“No one intentionally catches COVID, it is not something we can see, but we can protect each other by wearing a mask,” he said.

Dew, who in 2010 completed the 900 kilometre “French Camino” and in 2018 completed the “Portuguese Camino,” is a daily walker.

“My walk is a time of prayer, and I am grateful for the solitude.

“It helps give me a renewed perspective on life.”

While exercising Dew also invites people to use the time to reflect, be thankful, and to pray for those suffering from COVID.

“It’s a good time too, to say a prayer for healthcare workers and all those on the front line,” said the Cardinal.

The Health Navigator Charitable Trust says that some degree of anxiety is normal during the lockdown and it recommends helping our mental health by attending to our physical wellbeing.

Healthcare data measured by IHME predicts New Zealand’s death rate will drop by 600% if masks are used.

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