I’d rather clerics come visit me in jeans – Pope Francis

Pope Francis told Cardinal Mario Grech that he would rather see clerics in jeans when visiting him, ditching their formal wear.

Grech made the comments during an interview on Newsbook.com.mt with by Fr Joe Borg.

Grech said that after he was raised to the rank of Cardinal, he attended a meeting with Pope Francis and officials drew his attention to what he was wearing and suggested that he should reflect the established protocol.

The Cardinal then adopted attire according to the rules.

Francis reacted by asking him: “Did you come dressed for a wedding?”

“I was advised to do so and follow protocol,” he had replied to Pope Francis who then suggested he could have turned up for the meeting in jeans.

Grech described Pope Francis as a person who has great faith in the flock. He is Bishop Emeritus of Gozo and Secretary General of the Synod of Bishops.

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