Abortion pill reversal treatment permitted


A Catholic doctor who was banned last year from offering “abortion pill reversal treatment” to women who wished to keep their babies is now permitted to offer the treatment.

Dr Dermot Kearney, a hospital cardiologist and a past president of the UK’s Catholic Medical Association, was last year the subject of a complaint about his treatment.

MSI Reproductive Choices, a major UK abortion provider, along with its allies, then complained to the UK General Medical Council (GMC) which regulates the conduct of doctors.

MSI Reproductive Choices and friends claimed the abortion pill reversal treatment Kearney was prescribing were a risk to women.

Dr Kearney had been prescribing a hormone – progesterone – to women who had started medical abortion procedures and then changed their minds.

Progesterone was his drug of choice because research in the United States has shown it neutralises the effects of the abortion pill.

After he began legal proceedings at the High Court of Justice to continue the treatment and challenge the ban on the drug, the GMC undertook some research itself.

The results showed the GMC that there was no evidence to suggest progesterone endangers the health of women or unborn children.

Kearney says he was “the victim of a coordinated campaign by senior figures in the abortion industry who have been determined to prevent women in urgent need from accessing abortion reversal treatment.”

He now wants other doctors to consider his treatment.

“The truth about abortion reversal treatment must now be told and medical professionals who are able and willing to support women with the treatment should be allowed to do so without fear,” he says.

“My hope is that woman across the UK will now be told by medical regulators and abortion providers that abortion reversal treatment is safe, that it is available, and that success is possible if they regret their decision to have an abortion and choose to seek help,” he said.

Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre, says: “We are delighted that justice has been served for this brilliant and compassionate doctor. We are, however, deeply concerned that a case was brought against him in the first place.

“The mantra of the abortion lobby of ‘my body my choice’ should extend to a woman changing her mind about going through with an abortion. The abortion industry does not want to give women that choice.”


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